SimFS is a file system interface developed at the Scalable Parallel Computing Laboratory (SPCL), ETH Zürich that allows balancing of storage and computing resources for large scientific simulations generating petabytes of data. I contributed to this project during my BSc thesis in Computer Science.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding

Summary description of various projects in these very interesting scientific fields. Are AI systems fit to replace physicians? Building of reliable AI systems.

Static analysis of tainted variables and sanitation in Datalog

Static analysis and sanitation of tainted variables; implementation in Datalog. A group project in Program Analysis for System Security and Reliability (PASS).


A tool to create an interactive web page to present pictures.

Barrelfish OlympOS

Barrelfish OS variant implementation for Pandaboard ES. A group project in Advanced Operating Systems.


A multiplayer Tetris like game on Android. A group project in Distributed Systems.


A toolbox for (micro)benchmarking of C programs.


A collection of various helper classes / tools for C++, Java, and Python.

Various student projects

Short description of various projects that do not have a separate page yet: middleware, wired and wireless networking, SQL and non-SQL databases, compiler, static analyzer, etc.

FPGA goes Arcade

A Tron like light cycle race implemented on a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA board (MIPS assembly, I/O devices, VGA output). Additional game versions in Excel and Javascript.


C++ include-only library to use Matlab/Octave as plotter.

psSquirrel WEB

An online archive database for links, texts, PDF files, pictures and other file formats.


This software can be used to analyze data points and time ratios in/above/below a defined range using a standard linear interpolation model. Example: INR coagulation values.

Tree of Codes

Software to analyze nucleotide sequences with respect to specific characteristics.

Miscellaneous publications

Various publications in next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, pharmacology, and statistics.

CESAM / Running Ant / Merging Bee / Walking Turtle

Several software programs have been developed for scientific projects, in particular data management, data analysis and image analysis.

Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine

Publications in molecular immunohematology and clinical transfusion medicine.


Clinical and laboratory studies, in particular about use of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) for patients with renal insufficiency, vitamin K antagonists (VKA), direct Xa inhibitors, and recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa).

Biomechanics and Morphometry/Stereology

Publications written while working on my Dr. med. thesis at the Maurice E. Müller Institute for Biomechanics and working in the ER of the Inselspital Bern.